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Destiny 2 Review

As an avid PC and console gamer, I was extremely excited for Destiny 2. I mean, who wouldn’t have been? The first game was amazing, complete with an open world, […]

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RO: Idle Poring Game Review

Ragnarok Online has a great list of spinoffs that are developed by various developers. I mean, the fact that a random developer gets the nod to develop a spinoff is […]

Assassin's Creed Origins, Games, Online Games, Video Games
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Assassin’s Creed Origins

There is no better way of seeing the bigger picture than going back to one’s roots. If you find yourself lost, go back to where you started. Assassin’s Creed Origins […]

Call of Duty WWII, Games, Online Games, Video Games
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Call of Duty WWII

While most of the military combat-related games are all about taking down the worst enemy, CoD takes a different approach to give the whole experience a human touch. Based on […]

Horizon Zero Dawn, Games, Online Games, Video Games
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Horizon Zero Dawn

This is life after earth as we know it. The backstory is a gripping action, thriller and mystery that one can easily tell are easily inspired by the series The 100. Developed by the […]

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Developed by Firaxis Games, this game is the second entry in the X-COM reboot series. XCOM 2 is categorized and played as a turn-based tactics video game. Published by 2K […]

God of War 4, Games, Online Games, Video Games
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God of War 4 preview

Kratos! I used to like this dude while playing the God of War series. That rage and thirst for blood made him look like a rage-driven killing machine. I was […]