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Published March 24, 2008

For me, this tiny, featherweight gadget remains the apple of, what I think are, the eyes of all those people who are constantly on the go. However, this ultra-cool and ultra-small piece of heaven comes at a premium $399. It goes to show, we still need to pick our wallets for miniaturization.
Still, this slim gadget comes at a fraction of other similar competing mobile devices in the market today; this holds true because of the ASUS Eee PC 4G‘s modest but practical specs.
This mobile device isn’t made for everyone. Having modest components, it has its use among all those people who are on the move. Those who need things done – fast. The unit is equipped with a 7-inch, low resolution display, an almost insignificant built-in storage of just 4Gb (of which 2.4Gb is dedicated to system memory, leaving only 1.6Gb), low RAM (when most notebooks nowadays come at 1Gb), and an Intel Processor that doesn’t offer any more that what is specified in the system information screen. Opening even built-in programs takes time.

In conclusion, I could say that the Eee PC can not only be appealing but practical and highly functional. It is especially handy to people on the road and students or to anyone who wants a cool looking computer that is able to do simple tasks such as word processing and surfing.

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