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Published June 5, 2008

RF Online Logo, RF Online Crafting Guide

Ever since I started RF online, I have always wanted to get weapons and armors without having to buy from other co-players. Well, as I went on with the game I found out the answer to that was Crafting. My first character was an item crafter but I had a hard time finding a good source for crafting recipes. So, to those who need one, below is a compilation of item combinations for RF online. For those newbies out there, Item combination allows you to create items out of ingredients both looted from monsters or through mining of ores.

But first things first. You must know where to have ingredients combined. There is an NPC in the game called “Hero”. This NPC allows you to combine materials. When you find him, try and talk to him and click on the Item Combination option. You will be prompted to a window that has five (5) empty boxes. This is where you place crafting ingredients. These can be looted from different monsters in the game. Please click on the recipes below to see the ingredients needed to craft them:

Weapon Combination
Force Revear Combination

Booty Decomposition
Ability Extraction
Ability Combination
Proof Of Warrior Combination
Leon’s Weapon
Accessory Upgrade
Socket Extender
Type C Armor
Where To Combine

Hope this Online Crafting Guide helps.

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