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Category: geekiness

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Pokemon Let’s go!

Even though Pokemon games have existed for a long time and will continue to do so, Pokemon Let’s Go is an innovative new look at the game franchise while keeping […]

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Blurt-Outs: Randomness Rocks!

Because I got seriously serious in the previous post, I’d like to do something totally random. You likey? I likey! (Even if you don’t, I’ll get silly anyway, so there. :p) *** I realized I likey gaming when my housemate let me play with his Nintendo DS. I got addicted to Trauma Center: Under the Knife. Now I wanna be […]

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MY Definition of "GEEK"

The other week, I put out an article about the definitions of the word “Geek.” People defined “geek” with one general thought: Geeks are those people who are so focused on what they do, and they do not care that what they do is actually against the norm. The general consensus is that while Geeks are focused, they do not […]

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"Geek? Are You?" Part 1: The Definition

Just one question: “How could you tell that you are a geek?” For me, it’s not just about the penchant for techie stuff. It’s all about where your passions lie. While Fashionistas go for the beautiful clothes and the style and flair, the athletes go for sports, geeks… Are anyone with a passion for something obscure and intellectual in nature. […]