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Granado Espada Stance; Martial Elements: Earth, Games, Online Games, Video Games
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Granado Espada Stance – Martial Elements: Earth

Who Can Use: Baek Ho Detective Gertrude Irawain Soso Soho the Fighter Weapon: Knuckle Knuckle + Gaiter Attack Cycle: 3 hit 1 target Prerequisite: Level: 1 Stance: None Acquisition: Default […]

Horizon Zero Dawn, Games, Online Games, Video Games
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Horizon Zero Dawn

This is life after earth as we know it. The backstory is a gripping action, thriller and mystery that one can easily tell are easily inspired by the series The 100. Developed by the […]

Granado Espada, Games, Online Games, Video Games
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Granado Espada

  Granado Espada is an MMORPG fantasy game created by IMC and had distinguished itself by its MCC “Multiple Character Control” system. Instead of only using one character at a […]

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Look out for!

There has been tremendous growth in the gaming industry in the past few years. Gaming, a multi Billion dollar industry is opening up to newer opportunities and the time is just right for gaming related products to hit the market. There is great scope for such products and is one website which has capitalized on this situation by selling […]

Games 0 : Gamers’ Paradise!

  Massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) has taken gaming to a whole new level. is today a big name in the world of MMORPG service providers and has gained solid reputation in a short span of time. The website provides virtual services to gamers worldwide and is a great destination for online shopping of gaming related products. Founded […]

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Rohan Online: Warlock

The Warlock specializes in dealing out some massive AOEdamage and crippling opponents. This build gives you a few hit points but mostly magic attack power. Its important for a Warlock […]